One of the nicest benefits I used to have at Apple (which, alas, is no more) was that every 5 years employees could take a 6 week paid sabbatical. I used that benefit in 1994, combined it with accrued vacation and spent 8 weeks on the road traveling from the Bay area to Alaska and back by way of the Canadian Rockies.

That trip took me to some of the most beautiful and diverse settings I have ever visited and produced many of my favorite images such as the one above of Mt. Wrangell at sunset. Alaska in summer is a photographer's paradise. The long daylight hours with lingering sunsets and low sunlight angles generate marvelous lighting for photography. I would eventually like to produce a travelogue of that trip, but for now I'll tantalize you with a few images.


Chitina River

Kennicott Copper Mine


Arctic Circle